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Remotesoft Announces the Release of Salamander MSIL Linker and Mini  - Deployment Tool for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 and the Commitment to Support Visual Studio “Whidbey”


Los Angeles, CA - Oct 28, 2003 – Remotesoft, Inc., a leader in code security and programming language tools for theMicrosoft Windows platform, announced today the release of the Salamander MSIL Linker and Mini-Deployment Tool, providing developers with the capability to link Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) code that Microsoft Visual C# .NET, Visual Basic .NET and Visual J# .NET compilers emit into a single assembly, and to build a minimum set of Microsoft .NET Framework files for deployment. The tool helps Visual Studio .NET and upcoming Visual Studio “Whidbey” developers in the process of deploying managed applications in the event that the .NET Framework is not pre-installed on the target machine. The tool silently installs the relevant parts of the .NET Framework with the linked application.


Salamander MSIL Linker and Mini-Deployment Tool is part of the Remotesoft Salamander Suite of tools. The suite includes a graphic user interface (GUI) that encapsulates all the necessary tools to protect applications including anobfuscator and a protector.  The obfuscator makes reverse engineering more difficult through symbol renaming, metadata removal, and cross-reference obfuscation while the Salamander’s advanced code protector completely stops MSIL disassembly and decompilation by emitting native code and providing MSIL code encryption.


“Our tools address security and deployment issues with managed code and augment the Visual Studio .NET development environment,” said Dr. Huihong Luo, founder of Remotesoft, “We will continue to deliver these tools in the future with the release of Visual Studio ‘Whidbey’.”


Remotesoft’s Salamander Linker offers the following unique features:

·       Integrated with Salamander Suite that allows developers to browse, obfuscate, protect, link and test MSIL code through a common interface.

·       The linker starts with the entry methods, and recursively walks the call graph to link only the required bits of MSIL code, resulting in more efficient code.

·       The Linker enables debugging to step through system APIs by linking into the Microsoft .NET Framework classes, which is very useful in trouble shooting runtime problems.

·       Simple and fast deployment with only the necessary assemblies of the Microsoft .NET Framework. Installation is isolated into a single folder, which can be simply copied to machines that do not have the .NET Framework installed.


“Remotesoft tools provide great solutions for developers for protecting MSIL,” said John Montgomery, director for the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. “Its new addition to the suite addresses real customer issues with application deployment.”


About Remotesoft Inc.

Founded in 1999, Remotesoft, Inc. is a leading provider of code security and programming language tools for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Remotesoft offers a family of products for source code protection, and a Java .NET product that enables Java to become a programming language for the Microsoft .NET Framework, as well as a set of language translation tools for Java, C++, C#, Visual Basic .NET, and Visual C++ .NET.  Additional information about Remotesoft can be found at or call (510) 579-2752.


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