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To use salamander obfuscator online, please upload a .NET executable file and then click the "Obfuscate" button, you will be able to download the obfuscated assembly, or you can choose to compare the decompiled source codes. If you just want to see a demo, please click the "Demo" button.

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Evaluation Download updated, May-27-08

Click the following two links to download a trial version of the obfuscator. This trial version contains full functionalities, but it is only meant for your internal evaluation purpose, and thus you must not distribute the obfuscated code.

  • Remotesoft .NET Explorer Evaluation - professional GUI
  • Remotesoft .NET Obfuscator Evaluation - command line

    After download, click the two .msi files, and follow the instructions. No serial number, or registration is required.

    For technical support, please send emails to support@remotesoft.com

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