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  Upgrade Order Form for Existing Customers

This order form is meant for by our existing customers. We will verify before sending out download instructions. If this is the first time you order our products, please use the order form for new customers. For current customers that have licensed our products for less than one year, you should receive the upgrades without any charge.

All transactions are processed on secure websites (SSL). For Visa and Master Card, please click "BUY NOW" button, which is much simpler than PayPal. If you prefer to use PayPal, then click the "PayPal" button.

Salamander .NET Decompiler(single developerlicense) $599
Salamander .NET Linker/Mini-Deployment Tool(Single developer license) $699
Salamander .NET Obfuscator(5-developer license) $479
Salamander .NET Obfuscator upgrade (10-developer license) $899
Salamander .NET Protector/Obfuscato(5-developer license) $1139
Salamander .NET Protector/Obfuscator(10-developer license) $1999